Vasuki Belavadi graduated with MA (Communication) in 1993 and completed his Ph.D. from University of Hyderabad in 2016. He worked for about 11 years in the Print, TV and NGO sectors in various capacities like City Reporter, Correspondent, Sub-editor, News Producer & Programme Co-ordinator.  He has taught at Manipal Institute of Communication and Tezpur University. He specialises in video production & has good grounding in radio programming & production too. His research interests include pedagogy of video production and community media. He is the author of Video Production (Oxford University Press, 2008), the first to be published in IndiaVasuki Belavadi conducts capacity sharing training in Participatory Video, particularly for children & adolescents.

He is also the Director of the Centre for Digital Learning, Training & Resources (CDLTR) at the University.