If you run a Community Radio Station, this toolkit is for you.

Once you have gone through the toolkit and applied it to your station, head over to the Community of Practice forum we have set up for you. Share your experiences so that others can learn from you.

CR-CIT (the Community Radio Continuous Improvement Toolkit) is a publication that allows community radio stations to periodically assess themselves on their performance.


  • CR-CIT provides for indicators of performance along nine broad parameters: content generation and programming; policies and guidelines; volunteers; technology – access and management; on-air standards of broadcast; governance; feedback and grievances; content-sharing and networking; revenue generation and financial accountability.
  • Themes such as participation, inclusion, gender, capacity building, etc. have been treated as core principles that cut across all the nine parameters.
  • CR-CIT focuses on principles, practices, and processes. Impact of the community radio station on the community is outside the purview of this toolkit. 
  • CR-CIT could also be seen as a way for CR stations to assess the quality of their overall performance. ‘Quality’ here is not limited to the technical finesse of programmes, but includes active adoption of the core principles of CR by the stations across all the parameters.
  • CR-CIT is NOT for comparison between different community radio stations. This is NOT meant to be an evaluation held by an external agency, with a pass/fail grade.





If you have translated CR-CIT into your language, please email a pdf to us at:  cmchair.uoh AT