Nityananda Janavani 91.2 Fm, Purulia, West Bengal

The mission of Nityananda Janavani, a community radio station of, by, and for the marginalised community of Purulia District, is to promote the voices and cultural traditions of indigenous Santhali people. The audio clip below discusses a variety of programmes and expert broadcasts that are especially focused on Santhali festivals. Particularly, this audio highlights a popular Santhali community celebration called Sohrai. Sohrai, a harvest festival, is observed by the Santhali community to signify the harvest season. It is held in conjunction with the Diwali celebration. Nityananda Javnani presents a unique programme on the local harvest customs and culture during the festival. More significantly, Nityananda Janavani transmits in the Santhali dialect, which is well-acknowledged by the Santhali community.