11411794_630088167134425_2947014918433934156_oA new journal called Journal of Alternative and Community Media was launched in Montreal, Canada at the recently concluded annual conference of the International Association for Media and Communication Research (IAMR).  With Chris Atton and Susan Forde as editors, the peer reviewed journal will be published online by Griffith University’s Griffith ePress in Australia.  The journal will focus, among other things, on protest movements and media, citizens’ and participatory media, activist and radical media, media regulation and policy, and community media audiences and producers.  The international editorial advisory board for the journal include scholars such as Nick  Couldry, Nico Carpentier, Alfonso Gumucio-Dagron, John Downing, Bruce Girard, Arne Hintz, Adilson Cabral, Kate Coyer, Natalie Fenton, Dorothy Kidd, Clemencia Rodriguez, Jo Tacchi, Pradip Thomas, and Vinod Pavarala.

Call for submissions for the first volume and other details can be accessed at www.joacm.org.

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