Earlier this year, on 5th March 2021, AMARC Asia-Pacific released a publication ‘Nepal: Community Radios, Conflict Resolution and peacebuilding.’ The publication highlights the role of community radios addressing social, economic, and political conflicts towards pursuing lasting peace in the local communities. It is primarily set in the context of community radios of Nepal with significant lessons drawn from the region and the world.

‘Nepal: Community Radios, Conflict Resolution and peacebuilding’ is a result of AMARC Asia-Pacific’s initiative to engage with community radios to enhance their role in addressing challenges resulting from unsolved conflicts and transitional justice issues in Nepal. It is a part of a larger AMARC Asia-Pacific effort which included intense capacity building interactions with community radios to reckon with the complexities and nuances involved in conflict resolution and peace building. In the process, several radio programs were produced and broadcast resulting in a wealth of knowledge for community radios to refer to and learn from.

The publication highlights some of the exchanges that took place with community broadcasters. It includes analyses by community broadcasters, radio trainers, mainstream journalists and experts of the ground situation as well as presents challenges pertinent to conflict resolution and peacebuilding in Nepal. Also included are articles by experienced radio producers about methods and formats by which radio programs can be made more interesting and effective, and learnings from international experiences.

The publication encourages reflection on how best to confront challenges of unresolved conflict at local levels. By addressing social, economic, and political conflicts through creative radio programs and engagement with community members and other stakeholders, community radios will be able to play a pivotal role in helping sustain lasting peace in the communities. It is hoped that the publication will serve as a mechanism of both learning and inspiration for the sector.

A high-resolution version of the publication can be downloaded from: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1SracQxw-oEcCu6ALxZSfsHoJC-YFeZtA/view?usp=sharing


 AMARC Asia-Pacific