Lalit Lokvani 90.4 FM, Lalitpur, Uttar Pradesh

Lalit Lokavani is located in Bundelkhand, one of the least developed areas in Uttar Pradesh. In this audio, Team Lalit Lokvani discusses the numerous festivals in the region and how the local radio station promotes local traditions through programming related to each festival. A brief description of the Suata celebration, well-known throughout Bundelkhand, is given at the beginning of the audio. This is a festival where the young worship Shiva Parvati while singing devotional songs in local dialects. The audio further establishes that Lalit Lokvani plays a significant role in disseminating local culture through specialised coverage and programming and that celebrating these local festivals strengthens the region’s cultural uniqueness. Lalit Lokvani’s programming initiatives also support the revival of festivals to preserve fading cultural practices.