Kadal Osai 90.4 FM, Pamban, Ramanad, Tamil Nadu

Kadal Osai is a community radio of and for fisherfolk on Pamban island of Tamil Nadu’s Ramanathapuram district. While tackling other socioeconomic concerns that the community faces, Kadal Osai primarily focuses on empowering the fisherfolk community and disaster management.

The Kadal Osai crew reflect on the different festivals in Rameshwaram in this audio and how they participate in them and rejoice with the locals. The audio starts with a brief introduction emphasising how nostalgic festivals are for individuals from all walks of life, particularly young ones. After that, it discusses specific festivals like the Shiva Ratri festival held at the Rameshwaram temple, the Erwadi Mosque festival (also known as the Erwadi Santhanakoodu), the Mulaipari festival held at various temples throughout the region, and the Matha temple festival (which is a Christian holiday). The audio ends with details about how Kadal Osai reporters immerse themselves in the festival fervour and cover these local festivals with passion and enthusiasm.