This is ridiculous! Absolutely ridiculous! …Right off the bat, this seems wrong!–Saritha Thomas, People’s Power

Fees for spectrum that belongs to the people? What next? Fees for breathing air?–Rajen Varada, Technology for People

We all must oppose this. Government should support CR Stations to become financially sustainable rather than charging fee. Actually we should demand for zero fee.–Rakesh Pandey: Shramik Bharti & Waqt Ki Awaaz!

Let’s keep the pressure and the follow up and certainly the fee hike will be rolled back.–Pankaj Athawale, MUST Radio

I would like every CRF member to seriously consider that unless we take a strong enough collective stand, even a nominal shutting down of broadcast for a day will not move the mandarins of Sanchar Bhavan. Their attitude in handing out of frequencies to the CR sector, issuing WOLs and even holding up licenses when it suited them is really a build up to a very dim future for all of us.–Arti Jaiman, Gurgaon Ki Awaz

The hike in spectrum fee serves no purpose other than being a deterrent for any grassroots organizations wishing to start a CR station. How would any change in CR policy make any difference if communities are not able to afford/pay the spectrum fee and continue to broadcast?–Kanchan K. Malik, University of Hyderabad

We have decided to continue to pay the old rate, until informed otherwise by CRA. This is because CRA is already negotiating with the Union Government on the matter.–
Community Radio Association of India

We as CRF totally oppose it, and will fight tooth and nail against this hike. This hike will hamper the growth of CR station in India will affect the ongoing Community Radio Movement in India very badly.–Community Radio Forum

The true meaning of CR will be lost. The CR will not be for those for whom we advocated. Where is the money and where are the donors to promote CR the way Govt wants? The journey of so many years to get CR approval for those who need the most should not go waste!
We have to help raise the voice again. —Geeta Malhotra, One World South Asia

Let’s go to Delhi. Let’s meet Soniamma if necessary and tell her we can’t pay the spectrum fee.–Women of Sangham Radio, Pastapur

What if all the stations decide to stop paying any spectrum fee? Will the government shut down all the 100-odd Community Radio stations?–Vasuki Belavadi,
University of Hyderabad