Community radio has completed a decade in 2012 in India and boasts of 183 operational stations in India and 15 in Bangladesh. In addition, Nepal, which has a longer history of CR has 246 stations on air.

Due to the differences in practices in India, Bangladesh and Nepal, Ideosync Media Combine with support from CEMCA and UNESCO, undertook a participatory research initiative to explore the parameters that impact the sustainability of Community Radio in the South Asia region. For this purpose, a broad list of 25 CR stations across India, Nepal and Bangladesh was drawn up keeping in mind adequate representation as per the following criteria:

  1. Institutional set-up: CR Stations governed and managed by educational institutions, agricultural institutions, large, small and local NGOs, cooperatives etc
  2. Geography: Such that stations selected are representative of all regions
  3. Duration of Broadcast: Such that stations are representative of young and experienced stations

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