Reports from various parts of the world have been talking about the active role community radios are playing in tackling the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. Facing lockdowns, restrictions on movement, Internet glitches, and declining human and financial resources, these community media outlets have been demonstrating the value of locally relevant information shared in local languages, of being a soothing voice against the panic, and of being a credible community connect in times of crises.

The UNESCO Chair on Community Media invites you to participate in a series of online Global Dialogues that we will be hosting. Invited panelists comprising seasoned practitioners, accomplished advocates, and network representatives of community media from South Asia, South and Latin America, Africa, Australia, the United Kingdom, and continental Europe will share their perspectives on questions such as: What roles can community media play in crisis situations, such as the current pandemic?

Each of the sessions will be available online and video recorded for asynchronous access. The Chair also plans to transcribe the dialogues and publish them as a collection.